Masha and the Bear

 Bon Appetit
 And Action
 1 2 3 Light The Christmas Tree
 Call Me Please
 Driving Lesson
 One Hit Wonder
 Watch Out
 Home Alone
 All In The Family
 Spring Time For Bear
 Grand Piano Lesson
 Growing Potion
 Once In A Year
 Game Over
 Three Mashketeers
 Monkey Business
 Just Shoot Me
 Horsing Around
 Liar, Liar Pants On Fire
 Like Cat And Mouse
 The Founding
 Happy Harvest
 Home Improvement
 Hold Your Breath
 Surprise! Surprise!
 Stripes And Whiskers
 Self Made Hero
 La Dolce Vita
 Home Grown Ninjas
 Track Of Unknown Animals
 Holiday On Ice
 Jam Day
 How They Met
 Rock-A-Bye, Baby
 4 Episodes